The 10 Best Mother's Day Flower Bouquets to Send to Your Mom This Year

Send Mother's Day Flowers today! Same day delivery to Gilroy, CA and surrounding areas. Buy the freshest flowers from Rosies & Posies in Gilroy, GILROY, CA - Mother's Day 2021

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Toxic plants for Pets and Precautions to Stop your pet from eating a plant

Dogs are famous for sniffing things they shouldn’t. These include not only random items on the sidewalk but flowers and plants in your garden. Some of these plants are indeed harmless, but many of them could also be dangerous and harmful to dogs. While some plants can give our little dogs just diarrhea, others could be extremely toxic and poisonous. On top of that, many of these toxic plants are pretty common in local parks, gardens, and also pretty tempting for pets. The Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) reported that in 2017, 5 percent of all calls were related to pets ingesting plants toxic to them. While the list for these toxic plants is ever-lasting, we are going to focus on the most common ones around parks, gardens, neighborhoods:

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Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to get together

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to get together, to share lives, stories, and food. Thanksgiving is celebrated in many ways, although the imagination always runs to a big, Wooden table laden with food, maybe the burning of a fireplace happily in another room. Whether it is a feast packed with thousands of family members and friends or a small table for two, the holiday spirit counts. And the right flower arrangements lead to the cozy setup.

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